Savvy cartoonist marketing requires some basic intuitive techniques  for locating markets by using the SIC code system. What are SIC codes? They are “standard industrial classification” codes which all commercial businesses are classified by.savvy cartoonist marketing They are  4 digit codes and each business classification is designated a number. For instance, the business of construction has a range of digits that start from 1500 to 1799. Agriculture starts at 0100 and ends at 0999 and so on (virtually endless based on the thousands of work disciplines). After I learned how to use the codes, I looked for targeted business list broker services and there are many to choose from.

Some publish monthly catalogs they send to their clients. Others operate strictly online. One of the more popular is InfoUSA which has it’s own catalog and site. For instance you can log onto their and build your own lists. Prices vary on what you need and how much you order. I located trade journal editors after I located the following SIC code – 2721 which pertains to the following publisher disciplines:

  • Comic books: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Magazines: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Periodicals: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Statistical reports (periodicals), publishing and printing, or publishing
  • Television schedules: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Trade journals, publishing and printing, or publishing only

This list can then be further broken down by your chosen focus (see last entry of list) so I would choose “trade journals, publishing and printing, or publishing only“. Each SIC code has an extension, so for the latter, the SIC code + extension  is 2721-01 or 272101 will get you a listing of the current publishers / magazine mfrs. It will take time to get used to studying SIC codes, how they can work for you and what you can do with each specific list, but take time to look into it, as it does require some patience.

Here is a breakdown of six digit listings for the #2721 SIC code;

  • 272101 Publishers-magazine (mfrs)
  • 272102 Publishers-periodical (mfrs)
  • 272103 News Publications-trade/assn/etc (mfrs)
  • 272104 Newsletters (manufacturers)
  • 272105 Publications (manufacturers)
  • 272106 Wedding Publications (mfrs)

Cartoonists using SIC codes to market services

As previously mentioned, there are many list brokerages so you’ll need to study which one will work for your budget. For the enterprising cartoonist who knows a little about marketing, think about it like this: SIC codes for advertising, digital promotion, etc. Use various keyword search terms to find your niche. I found an ophthalmology publisher years ago by experimenting like this, and they liked my work and used alot of cartoons.

Savvy cartoonist marketing online

Now in the age of the internet, I can only say that SIC codes can work in favor of the savvy cartoonist who can discover ways in which to market his or her work in various ways. Savvy cartoonist marketing also includes aggressively using these SIC codes in different ways. For instance, savvy cartoonist marketing can include codes about ad agencies, book publishers, graphic design firms and so much more.
Listen to that voice in your head…use your intuition! As always, thanks for dropping by the ToonBlog!