safetySafety cartoons for web and print can be sent to you or created from scratch!

If you want any image that is found on this page, tell me the reference number pertaining to the cartoon in question and I will format it for your intended usage.

This presentation is meant to be more of a portfolio, to demonstrate my cartooning style and sense of humor.

Perhaps a concept can be re-drawn and edited to fit your editorial narrative or professional project.

The topic  is extremely serious but adding some cartoon humor will add a twist to your message.

Cartoons about safety will attract attention to your project

Tell me in which way you will apply a usage to the cartoon of your choice from this page. I will then quote you a reasonable and accurate licensing fee based on that usage.

Any  cartoon seen here can be edited to your liking, whether it be a colorized cartoon you need converted to black & white  or grayscale, or if you need a black and white line drawing colorized.

Cartoons about safety are popular since safety is a major concern on most work sites and in the work place. A safe environment means a productive business with less risk and / or injury. I will also create any artwork pertaining to this topic if you supply me with a clear and definitive description or outline of what you have in mind.

Cartoons In Gallery Are Protected By Embedded Watermark

I can print out your information and then create rough sketched material to attach in a follow-up email.

You would look it over and then tell me to proceed with a finished inking and a high resolution image file would be provided for you.

Take time to see more cartoons here and browse the image gallery below. Thank you!