Retirement Gag Gifts – A Helpful Useful Portfolio Of Retirement Cartoons
retirement gag gifts

Retirement gag gifts featuring cartoons for presenting as framed certificates for retirees.

See the well over 60 separate cartoons in the cartoon gallery you can browse and look for the appropriate cartoons for your gathering.

These cartoons are ideal to help celebrate a fellow coworker’s retirement party and are ideal for framing.

If you’re looking for an ideal retirement cartoon to help celebrate a friend’s or a coworker’s departure, take time to browse my catalog of color cartoons.

I could also personalize with the name of the person retiring across the bottom or top of the cartoon if you like. Tell me exactly what line of text you want and provide the exact spelling of the person’s name.

Any retirement cartoon chosen will not have the embedded web address watermark

You may also decide to have a  cartoon customized to depict your coworker in place of one of the current cartoon characters in the samples offered in the gallery here.

If you’d like a custom cartoon caricature of a coworker, and have him or her in place of a character in any of the cartoons I offer here, just provide me with details and some good photographs I can use for reference.

Clicking cartoon sample will enlarge it to show how text can be added if you’d like a few lines of congratulatory wording. If you have comments or questions regarding this, let me know.

I’d begin creating a rough sketch based on the head shots you provide.

They would be attached for your review and approval.

Cartoons can be purchased using your credit card, and all you need to do is visit this Cartoon Payment link that takes you to a PayPal page that’s easy to use and navigate.

Email me with your questions and information as to acquiring one of the cartoons here or if there are specific questions, just ask, Contact me anytime using my email address on the email for you can access off this page or use the form itself. Cartoon gifts for retirement are very popular!

Retirement Cartoons Available On Many Topics

If you like what you see, the artwork is given a finished inking and supplied as a high resolution image file.

Changes can also be made prior to sending you the final artwork.

When you see a cartoon here that fits your retirement party needs, email me at

Supply your information and that cartoon will be attached in a follow-up email.

The cartoon will be sized in high resolution TIFF format so you can easily print it out on your printer.

Or you can put the file on a portable thumb drive to bring to your local printer for printing and framing.

Normally I will configure any cartoons here to 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

You can then print it out or I can size it to any size before attaching and sending.