Removing Cartoon Copyright Watermarks

removing cartoon copyright watermarks

My in upper right of this cartoon means the image is copyrighted and not to be removed

It is recommended against removing cartoon copyright watermarks on any of my cartoons that you see here on DansCartoons.

I emphasize this because the digital URLs or © that are embedded on any cartoons are to enforce copyrights.

I cannot emphasize this enough because so many violators still try using a cartoon despite my discouraging unauthorized use.

Using Watermarked Cartoons Is Copyright Violation

I have some of my cartoons archived with CartoonStock who continually update me of similar findings where violators use my cartoons.

For those who may be familiar with my England based counterparts, all cartoons they offer for potential licensing have a rather obvious copyright notice on all CS member images and violators still copy and use cartoons!

Any digital watermarks enforce cartoon copyrights

I thank CartoonStock for their continuing efforts in finding these violators and alerting me and my  fellow cartoonists of such violations.

If you see any cartoons on an internet catalog that contain a © notice or copyright symbol, that states the artwork is owned by it’s creator and is not in the public domain.

This does mean you need to contact the cartoonist or artist who is presenting the image on that page for either permission to use that cartoon or there is possibly a licensing fee to use the artwork based on your intended usage.

Potential cartoon copyright violations to consider

If you do attempt to erase, remove or delete the digital watermark, you must be aware that:

  • By removing the watermark or copyright notice, you are violating copyright laws
  • If you delete the cartoonist’s name from the cartoon, you are violating copyright laws
  • Altering a cartoon in anyway, by Photoshoping a specific feature, color or character, you are violating copyright laws
  • In doing any of the above, you can be held legally and financially liable, based on current copyright laws at the time of violation

Removing cartoon copyright watermarks is illegal

It is easier to use the contact form or email address that appears on the page that has a cartoon you’re interested in, and simply ask for permission.

You’ll be avoiding any potential legal recourse against you and you’ll definitely be showing a level of professionalism that the cartoonist will respond in kind to, and most like you’ll develop a lifelong professional friendship.