Reading Cartoons

reading cartoonsReading cartoons in this selection promote books and readers who appreciate a good story, article and much more. Many other cartoons in my collection here show people reading signs, posters, bumper stickers and a lot of content being read online. These cartoons relay a direct message to the viewer who interprets them in many ways.
Many times I’ll create a cartoon with an actual sign and it involves someone reading that sign which will add some impact to the overall message of the cartoon. Such as one of the captionless cartoons I offer in this collection that depicts a sasquatch hitchhiking with a sign that reads “Bluff Creek”.
Or perhaps a priest reading wedding vows to a young couple at the alter. Not all cartoons offered here depict someone who’s typically curled up with a good book. Reading cartoons are available for a publishing newsletter or can be used on the Facebook page of a local reading group in your community.
Many of these cartoons have captions of course, but think about this…in a study by Richard E. Mayer, if you remove captions from cartoons it reduces the ability to solve a problem or ability to actually apply information by 81%.
So captions are important, which allows visitors the ability to read cartoons and enjoy these reading cartoons offered in this catalog. Food for thought! Cartoons are as important to content as infographics. They convey a message to the reader. If you like any of these reading cartoons but want some color added to a specific image, contact me and I can assist as soon as possible. No deadline too big or too small. Or the title of any book in any cartoon can also be modified if you see it working better for some article or content you’re working on. Either way I hope you enjoy this lot of reading cartoons.