QSL Card Illustrations

Qsl Card Illustrations For Ham Radio

ham radio cartoons
Qsl card illustrations for ham radio operators are still being created and offered as part of my custom cartoons and services for ham radio enthusiasts. I recently used an existing image and modified that artwork for a new client. If you need qsl cards illustrated, contact me with your questions.

The artwork will be used as a specific t-shirt design and offered to any interested ham radio operators at various gatherings and hamfests. I think ham radio oriented t-shirt cartoons and similar humor is another aspect of my illustration services that work well for the ham radio community.

If you are an enthusiast, contact me with your concept or idea for a t-shirt idea and I can provide you with a rough sketched cartoon or illustration based on that information. You can go over the artwork at your leisure and then tell me what needs to be changed or modified and I’ll resend the artwork.

If it looks acceptable, the image will be formatted in Photoshop , sized to a dimension which will work well in a t-shirt layout and an image transfer can be made.

Other uses for this kind of graphic humor and illustration work would be ideal on posters, possibly to advertise or promote an upcoming hamfest or gathering of ham operators. Ham operators also organize to help in offering radio communications for road rallies, teaching youth groups how amateur radio can be an interesting hobby and more. Perhaps a series of cartoons that revolve around ham radio humor for an annual calendar.

A different cartoon could be created for each month of the year starting with January through December. An idea of your own vision could be created as the cover design….even a group caricature of the main members that organize things for your ham group’s activities.
There are also special images that can be illustrated for your social media pages as many ham operators now use all forms of social media.

Special characters, logos or spot illustrations are great for generating any attention to the messages you’re conveying throughout your pages.

Custom QSL cartoons like the sample I am providing to the right,  can be created under your guidance.qsl card illustrations for ham radio Katie found my online cartoon portfolio and asked if I could illustrate a concept showing a princess riding a flying dragon (that is her husband portrayed as the knight).

She provided a couple of good photographs along with a clear description of all elements that she wanted  in the overall image. I then created a rough sketch, based on that information and attached it in a follow up email for her review. My main emphasis in the follow up with the rough sketch is that any and all changes can be made to the artwork before sending the final acceptable cartoon.

I illustrate in pen & ink and then colorize the final artwork in Photoshop. Most QSL cards are printed in a postcard sized horizontal layout – usually 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches and I can size the image file for you based on this. I can work with the QSL card printer of your choice, and provide them with the files if you prefer the process be handled that way.

Another way in which customized illustrations can be used, is on t-shirts depicting ham radio cartoon illustrations. If you are seeking a quality t-shirt printer for your next ham fest, amateur radio operator’s group meeting  or any other gathering, contact Rich Sima. He does phenomenal work and samples of his shirts can be seen on his “SpecialTees” web site!

Custom cartoons can also be created to promote your ham radio group’s events, and ham radio cartoons are also ideal for posters, calendars, books and newsletters. As I mentioned before, I can also re-draw existing cartoons that you see on my site and can also colorize black & white line art that is also on my site.

Pricing to create any illustrations and cartoons for use on a new QSL card are negotiable and I can accept credit card payments  for your convenience.