Private Cartoon Commissions

Private Cartoon Commissions
private cartoon commissions

Private Cartoon Commissions available for collectors and cartooning aficionados. From time to time there are occasional requests for a custom cartoon or personal drawing. I am always interested in working with someone based on having something like this illustrated. Whether you need it for a personal collection or for a home gallery to add some variety to your display, I can help.

A significant number of comics fans and fans of cartoon art turn to buying original art online. Sites like Heritage Auctions provide collectors of cartoon art the chance to bid on original cartoons that can cost thousands of dollars. Fans can bypass this expensive way of purchasing cartoons by having an original cartoon illustrated by me. Upon giving me a complete description of what you have in mind, and what you envision, I can than render some rough sketched cartoon samples and attached them for your review.

Cartoons Created For Private Collectors

You can look over various elements of your sketch, tell me what to improve and what needs to be added or deleted. If a facial expression needs changing, just include that in your response. Much of this experience is based on the professional services I’ve provided to publishers, consultants, authors and editors with my custom cartoon service over the last 40 years and more.

I can offer this same expeditious service for non commercial and private collectors. If we need to discuss your idea or concept at length, just include a number where I can call you and I will give you a call as soon as I get your inquiry.

Be certain to include information detailing your interest such as how the cartoon or cartoons will be displayed, whether the artwork needed would be a gag panel cartoon or presented as a custom comic strip for your visitors to see. As much information you can provide will speed up the process and normally I can render rough sketches that same day, depending on what’s on the drawing table.

I’m also including more samples of cartoons and images in a small gallery here to offer more insights. Thank you for browsing and use the direct business email address on my contact form page or the contact form itself.