Print Media Cartoons For Authors – Creative Directors and Editors

Print Media Cartoons

Print media cartoons are my forte. I’ve been creating single panel gag cartoons for many moons and the traditional gag panel image has been a favorite form of expressing myself for as many years as I can remember. I actually did comic strips and gave them to a small weekly newspaper when I was a teenager.print media cartoons

I was oblivious to getting paid, because when you are starting out, it seems that just seeing your work in print is payment enough. That initial ego boost is a type of “high”. An incomparable feeling to which only a fellow cartoonist may be able to relate to.


The first actual acceptance letter from a national publication may be the best comparison. That sale acted as the impetus to start sending my work out to magazine editors, and doing new material on a consistent basis in order to secure clients and gain some sort of reputation with publishers that I focused showing my work to.

All of this discipline can eventually lead to other aspects in the cartooning business. If you follow your instincts, you nurture existing clients, gradually find new ones along the way and then you want to expand your horizons.

Expand Your Cartooning Horizons

I expanded my own horizons by offering print media cartoons and services for advertising agencies and graphic deign firms. I did not stop there, I printed my own promotional brochures and sent them out to book publishing companies which eventually lead me to getting book illustration assignments.


When the internet came along, it offered cartoonists a platform to showcase their work. For myself, it meant an online portfolio, combined with an image licensing database of cartoons I have created.

Cartoonists Can Have Fun Cartooning!

I urge fellow cartoonists to follow their instincts and to get their work into the right channels where editors, art directors and creatives can find and hire them for their illustration style and cartooning specialties. How much more fun can a cartoonist have? Only you can discover your limits and supercede them by following your creative instincts!