Previously published cartoons can spark a cartoonist’s creativity

Previously published cartoons are always an inspiration when looking through my clip art of cartoon material that various magazines have published.previously published cartoons

Sometimes it acts as a reinforcement to on’s own creativiy when looking back at cartoon work that I’ve created, which has appeared in print.

I thought I’d write a little bit about these previously published cartoons and the magazines and trade journals that used my work back in the day. Seems like the 1970’s throughout the 1990’s were a peak time for me in sending my single panel gag cartoons out to the publishing world.

There were so many unique and interesting print publications and it seemed like so many of them had a sense of humor or an appreciation for cartoons.

A cartoon portfolio of cartoons used in magazines

Trade magazines paid decent rates, while others or a vast majority paid lower fees and did do ‘on publication’, or when they had a hole to fill in a specific column and used cartoon as “filler material”.

This was acceptable with me personally, since I was selling only ‘one-time publishing rights’ to my work and usually, only a photocopy of the cartoon, as I learned early on, never to send out original cartoons! You needed to protect your copyrights and the originality of your cartoons.

Pay rates varied for cartoons published

Some trade magazines paid up to $150 per cartoon while small regional farm magazines paid only $5.00 per cartoon. It varied drastically, but it was a good idea to figured out which magazines appreciated your work more than others and focus on them and send them your best cartoons…and target only the best paying trade publications so you didn’t spin your wheels from a financial standpoint.

The sensible question was, “would you rather sell 10 cartoons for five dollars each?” or “would you rather sell 10 cartoons for $75 each?”. The sensible answer would be the latter! Well, you get the point. But I will be sharing more cartoons I have had published in previous years as the time permits, and thanks for stopping by!