Previous cartoon sales involving print publications that appreciated cartoons

Previous cartoon sales have been a recent topic I’ve touched upon here. mainly because most of my previously published cartoons have involved the print business. Actual hard copy magazines and newsletters that flourished.

A recent news article about Bild regarding print losing out to digital publishing affecting it’s print version is proof, even in Europe. I see this not previous cartoon salesslowing down as we proceed faster into the digital age with new ways in which publications can be viewed through apps, platforms on which magazines, newspapers and newsletters are presented on and also actual web sites that publishers use for enhancing their visibility.

The same effects will be felt by cartoonists who once relied on hard copy print for their livelihood . Those cartoonists have to take control and focus their promotional efforts on digital….now more than ever. Many web publishers and business owners (including publishers!) are moving to social media.  What better publishing platform that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest to target one’s cartooning services?

Changing cartooning promotional gears from print to digital offerings

I’m not one for change either, but this shift to digital is so necessary. I’ve recently begun promoting to advertisers in digital media and have had some decent inquiries, not to mention some work. Actual assignments involving the creation of custom cartoons and illustrations used in marketing projects.

A market still exists for single panel gag cartoons

There is still a market for the typical single panel gag cartoon, but unlike the days when print was king, a cartoonist can no longer consider it as a viable platform from which to make a living from. Being a full time cartoonist means expanding into multiple markets.

A cohesive marketing plan that includes promoting your cartoons to such digital platforms as web design groups, Facebook publishers and advertisers and digital marketers will help to expand your potential.  In essence, don’t limit yourself and what your have to offer in the way of your cartoons to just one publishing genre.