Plea bargain cartoon depicts a subject pleading to king for his life

The first plea bargain cartoon I created is available on a t-shirt. Now that the holidays are officially here and it’s Black Friday, I am profiling this particular item with my cartoon on a black t-shirt. plea bargain cartoonThe product is officially for sale on Zazzle, where I also offer all kinds of other cartoon gift items at other stores I’ve created.  Please visit and take some time to look around when it’s convenient for you.


This cartoon was an idea that came along when I was illustrating cartoons for different law related magazines and newsletters. With the popularity of ‘print-on-demand’, I established a presence on Zazzle, and luckily I kept the original cartoons to a majority of the material I’ve produced and decided to provide many of my favorite cartoons on products.

Cartoons about law on gift items for lawyers

The ‘First Plea Bargain‘  is probably resembling many of the deplorable  people in the news (like Harvey Weinstein!) who would want to take advantage of plea bargaining their case. In case you are not looking for any apparel or gift items that are associated with this cartoon, I can still offer you the same image in any format you desire based on your intended usage or need.

Cartoons on Zazzle

If you need the cartoon to use in a magazine or newsletter or book project, I’d supply the image file in high resolution TIFF format. Need it a certain size? Not a problem, tell me your preference and I can take care of sizing for you. If you need the cartoon for use on any social media platform, I’d supply the image file in JPEG format and normally send it as a 72DPI JPEG at 1000 pixels wide. Any of my cartoons are also available for re-drawing.