Physician Cartoons about doctors and medicine

Physician Cartoons about doctors and medicine


physician cartoonsPhysician cartoons have always been a favorite to draw. It’s most likely due to the fact that so many medical magazines existed which actually had a sense of humor and used cartoons. Sometimes as just filler material, or to use as a feature. They could be featured on humor or joke pages in a special section of the magazine.

Other editors and publishers also considered the value of having custom medical cartoons created for an article or story that was devoted to a specific topic. Many times an editor didn’t really want gag panels but preferred having something created from scratch. This is also a positive way for a cartoonist to build up a portfolio that has substance and value.

Cartoons Also Appear On Magazine Covers

At the other end of the spectrum, some cartoonists could end up seeing one of their creations used on an actual magazine cover. The magazine Canadian Punch appreciated cartoon humor and the value of illustrated humor and often times it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see a custom cartoon created by Lynn Johnston of For Better Or For Worse fame, or other well known cartoonists.

Cartoons Used By State Association Publications

A large variety of medical magazines appreciated  single panel gag cartoons. Mastheads such as American Family Physician, Michigan Medicine, American Medical News, Ontario Medical Review, Medical Economics, Medical Post (Toronto, Ontario), Ohio Nurse, Texas Medicine (published by The Texas State Medical Association) and  many others, were regular users of cartoons I would submit for their consideration.

The latter (Texas Medicine) mentioned, because so many states had associations which published monthly magazine devoted to their region. In retrospect, I believe a good focus for anyone seeking to publish cartoons is to pick out a genre or “slant” and target a group of association publications in which to show your work. The competition will be much less and you’ll have a far greater chance of seeing your work published by those editors who enjoy your sense of humor and the style in which you draw your cartoons. To find potential markets I always seek physician information sites that might profile associations and groups that have publications of their own.