Personnel Cartoons For Human Resource Managers

Personnel Cartoons

Personnel cartoons  used in human resources assist in conveying ideas in combination with humor. I offer cartoons for use in your hiring process and images can be supplied in TIFF, JPEG orGIF formats. If you want to use cartoons on your pamphlets and paper work, this can liven up your project and put applicants at ease.

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you soon realize the value of what a personnel department means to any company or corporation and for the most part, I offer a lot of cartoon humor in regards to this very topic! Not only personnel cartoon humor but many other types of office cartoons and business cartoon humor you may find of interest.

Cartoons can be valuable for consultants

A lot of professional consultants may not realize how valuable a simple cartoon can be in order to convey some “hiring humor” when conducting an interview. Use any one of these cartoons or any others for that matter, in your power point presentations or for your LinkedIn profile page.

Cartoon humor can create open lines of communication

Put your interviewees at ease, the moment they see a cartoon. Why? They’llpersonnel cartoons immediately relate that to a sense of humor….”no worries” as some say. It will set up a more open line of communication between you and the client and will allow for a better flow of questions and answers. There may even be some hearty laughs and guffaws and no doubt resulting in a solid hand shake! All of the cartoons I offer are available for editing if you need something customized. Any cartoon can have the gagline underneath changed, or the overall cartoon can be colorized upon your request. Ask any specific questions if you have them. No question is to out of the ordinary. If you need to verbally speak about something, email your phone number and I can call you immediately.

Business Cartoon Biz 154

Business Cartoon Biz 152

Bank Cartoon 61

Business Cartoon Biz 008

Business Cartoon Biz 029

Business Cartoon Biz 044

Business Cartoon Biz 090

Business Cartoon Biz 097

Business Cartoon Biz 103

Business Cartoon Biz 142

Business Cartoon Biz 214

Business Cartoon Biz 228

Business Cartoon Biz 277

Dental Dentist Cartoon 78

Investor Investing Cartoon 23

Office Cartoon 11

Office Cartoon 15

Office Cartoon 8