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paulding light


What is the Paulding Light? Where is it? And what is it? After creating another cartoon about the Paulding Light I thought I would share some quick links and additional information on this bizarre phenomenon. Some say it’s a natural phenomenon, others say it’s a “ghost light”.

Many stories and experiences abound. Scientific research has been done by many educated people from television programs and those who investigate weird and unusual locations. Information I am providing here is for your reading to make a determination from.

One story in particular is a friend stopped there at the urging of his son an a return trip to Wisconsin after shopping. He really wanted to see the Paulding Light, and as the family pulled in around dusk and the sun was setting fast. He said they did spot a ball of light way off in the distance along the power lines where the phenomenon is always first spotted.

Time went on as he said the light was getting brighter because it was approaching the “look out” area where cars can park for waiting and watching. The “ball” or light was still coming closer to their area and moving quickly he said.

In an instant he said the energy or ball had shot over their location and they became so concerned, they were all back in the car as the energy passed over the vehicle and disappeared. Ed is not a tech oriented guy so wasn’t recording any of the event but he said they did get frightened. It was like there was some control or intelligence about the light.

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For the most part, events like this don’t occur since most of the sightings are basically a small light flickering on and off  along the power line. Like any unusual phenomenon, just decide for yourself what it may be and let your imagination wander!

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Paulding Michigan is located south of Bruce Crossing and north of Watersmeet