Pasty Cartoons

Pasty Cartoons

Pasty cartoons for lovers of pasties. If you need a cartoon for use in your print or digital project, these images are available and the cartoon of your choice can be provided in high resolution TIFF, JPEG or PNG format and sized to your requirement.

The pasty has been traditional food fare since the early logging and mining era in northern Michigan and other regions.

It was introduced by early Cornish immigrants who came to America and look for work.

At a time when working hard and fast was a necessary way of life, it was the pasty that gradually caught the eye of fellow immigrants across the land who realized the simplicity of the food item and how easy it was to “pack” for lunch.

Pasty Cartoons Based On History Of The Pasty!

Miners who worked underground could easily carry a couple of them in their jackets and when the need for a snack came upon them, just take it out and grab a bite.

Imagine working in a logging camp for 3 or 4 hours up to your waist in snow and cold . . how inviting was the thought of that pasty, waiting in the lunch pail to eat in the dinner shack.

There are many ways to make pasties and the ingenious chef or cook can easily improvise with the recipe included below. Bon Appétit !
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Best Pasty Recipe

What are pasties and how do you make them? Well, here you go:

This recipe makes 10 pasties.
Put about 12 oz filling in each crust.
3 1/2 flour
9 oz shortening
10 oz cold water
1TBl+1 tsp salt

3 1/2# potatoes,peeled
1 1/2# coarse ground pork
12 oz coarse ground beef
9 oz diced onions
8 oz diced carrots
7 oz diced rutabaga
1/4# butter
1TBl salt
1Tbl pepper
Chop the carrots and onions.

Dice the potatoes and rutabagas in a 3/8-inch dice. Mix all the filling ingredients together and set aside. Mix the flour and salt.

Cut in the shortening, as for pie crust. Add the water and mix gently just until the dry particles are absorbed; do not over mix.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.On a floured surface, roll 4-ounce balls of dough into circles about the size of a dinner plate. Put about 12 ounces of filling on one half.

Dampen the edges, fold crust over filling, and seal.Place on greased baking sheets (or use baking paper). Place in oven and bake for one hour. Serve with either catsup or gravy.

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