Parkhurst Exchange cartoons about medicine and topical humor

Parkhurst Exchange cartoons were an extremely popular feature in a medical humor magazine that used a lot of single panel gag cartoons. parkhurst exchange cartoonsI recently looked backward through my archive of previously published comics and discovered this specific cartoon to show that even though Parkhurst Exchange was a medical magazine, they did not cater to the medical cartoons you would think they’d like to feature. They liked general and topical cartoons as is evidenced by this cartoon tearsheet here. The cartoon features a car mechanic listening to a customer who’s explaining to him: “Every time my engine knocks, the transmission says ‘come in’.” It was a unique publication that offered alot of cartoonists an outlet to showcase their favorite general cartoons to an otherwise tightly specific readership who were physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. I don’t recall off hand who the cartoon editors was at the specific time this panel appeared, as they did have several editors who looked at and considered cartoons. If you’re a fellow cartoonist or cartoon aficionado, drop me a line to refresh my memory!

Topical cartoons published in specific trade journals

The fact they included topical cartoon humor proved they had a wider audience who appreciated cartoons and comics. This cartoon I’m sharing here was published by them back in 1994 at a time when the internet was a relatively unknown medium of communication, and at the same time print was the most popular aspect of the publishing world. I was circulating literally thousands of my cartoon panels to many trade journals, regional magazines, newsletters and tabloids.

Cartoons appear in many different types of publications

My impetus in posting this will hopefully show anyone thinking of submitting their work to a publisher, that what is published is always not what it seems. A medical publisher may actually want cartoon humor other than medicine. A computer magazine or technical publication may want to change things up a little bit by including family humor on a page devoted to content that isn’t about their slant. Many times, communication is key and you’ll benefit by contacting those respective editors to ask them what they actually want to see. Not what you “think” they would like.