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Paraplegia News published my cartoons in years past. Wheelchair and disability cartoons were yet another aspect of “production” I added to my cartoon repertoire and I submitted many various types of single panel gag cartoons to the various magazines that were devoted to this publishing slant. Accent On Living was one such magazine as were other newsletters devoted to the issues involving the disabled. Many of these publications helped provide insights into better living and adapting to one’s own disability.  Like many magazines back in the 70’s and 80’s, they were chock full of glossy print advertising, and various types of expensive display adverting.

Given the content was based on such a serious topic and issue, and given the fact many of these publications had an ample supply of advertisers and a solid subscription base, they had the ability to pay for and use content.

As one might imagine, no matter the circumstance, humor was and is an integral part of the disabled world. At times as a cartoonist, I struggled to come up with, or conceive humor that might offer a glimpse of relief into this world. But yes, those who have disabilities also have the ability to laugh and so do the editors and publishers who these magazines are devoted to.

Introducing Editor Cliff Crase

Cliff Crase was from Trimountain, Michigan. He grew up in Rockland, Michigan which is a small town in Michigan’s  western U.P., graduating in 1956 as the valedictorian of his class.  He entered the Air Force and served in the Persian Gulf  and The Mediterranean from 1956 through 1959. An unfortunate set of circumstances involving a car accident in the state of Minnesota left him paralyzed in 1959. This spinal cord injury involved months and years of rehab which Cliff credits the help of his mom and family in his recovery to a stable life.

Disability Publication Used Cartoons

The cartoon sample provided in this article is from an old issue of Cliff’s magazine Parapelgia News.  I submitted cartoons for Cliff’s consideration on a regular basis and he used some of my work over the years. It was a great platform to offer my work and still improve on my cartooning style and learn various illustration techniques. I also honed my knowledge of humor in regards to the disabled lifestyle. One of my close friends was unfortunately severely injured in a motorcycle accident and suffered similar spinal cord injuries. He happens to have a phenomenal sense of humor and is my “go to guy” for bouncing ideas off of .

So many times, he’s given me brain germs for future concepts relating to paraplegic humor and in fact had found this particular cartoon clip and had alerted me that he’d seen it published in Cliff’s magazine. The world can seem like such a small place at times, since Cliff’s publishing operation for his various magazines was based in Phoenix Arizona.

Paraplegia cartoon ideas seem to be difficult to contrive and at other times, based on societal issues such as politics, finance and technology will make it easier to come up with funny cartoon concepts.

Unfortunately Cliff Crase passed away in 2007 due to pancreatic cancer but Cliff’s publishing legacy lives on as the many magazines he launched are still available.

I am certain they still use and consider cartoons and any cartoonist who might be interested in practicing their craft might find it a good way to start honing their skills and submitting to these types of magazines.

You never know, the editor may just like you enough to make you a regular feature in the publication. Please visit Paraplegia News and the other diability publications Cliff launched. I’m also available to create custom cartoons for any publication devoted to this genre, whether you need cartoons for an article or story or for a print advertisement, contact me with any questions or if you need a price quote for a customized cartoon or humorous illustration.