Pantomime cartoons have no captions

Pantomime cartoons are cartoon humor I still like to produce. I am still intrigued at the notion of a drawing that explains itself to the reader.pantomime cartoons

Pantomime or captionless cartoons were a big part of my production output when print publications such as The National Enquirer cartoon editor Michele Cooke considered them.

The old adage, “less is best” applies well to this kind of gag cartoon and I always thought if a cartoonist can crank out a panel that needs no gag line underneath, all the better!

Captionless cartoons speak for themselves!

Cartoons like these are also ideal for using in an instructional booklet or brochure and potentially in a youth based book where characters are all doing things or activities that provoke thought.

If you’re preparing a presentation, you may want to consider a series of similar cartoons that will walk your audience through your presentation, from slide to slide.

The cartoons will help to break up your text, and help to engage the audience and help them to think through your message  if a clever cartoon or cartoons are placed throughout the power point or presentation.

You may even make an impression enough to get your audience laughing. It is your vision, your set of ideas that can bring the concept to life.

Think in terms of self – explanatory cartoon ideas!

I’m able to also offer my own creative input at no additional expense to you, if you seek it. I’ve done this with many clients in the past.

Although I make no guarantees my own ideas  will be the end all be all that makes your projects stand out, I can guarantee my cartoons will definitely work for you!

You tell me what your vision is, and provide me with a clear concept you have in mind and I will create illustrations around those ideas. Especially those that are pantomime related!