Outhouse Cartoons

outhouse cartoonsOuthouse cartoons may have a somewhat “scatological” connotation. I know, I agree that the subject matter is a bit off color but honestly, it’s a topic that lends itself greatly for a good laugh. In fact some of my cartoons are downright “clean” from a laughter standpoint! Am I bragging? No, I just want to stay within the lines of reason as I still like creating good outhouse cartoons!cartoon outhouse

Give a look at these cartoons and like all of the others here throughout my web cartoon catalogs, these can be purchased for your specific usage. Ideal for a joke book, article on bad plumbing, or to use in a power point presentation that deals with plumbing.

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outhouse cartoonsI will also re-draw and add color to any of my outhouse cartoons at your request. Captions can always be changed…something I’ve emphasized many times here on the ToonBlog. Just contact me with any questions!

Bathroom humor? Not!

As I mentioned, I try and take the humor to another level, either outhouse plungervisually or through the gag line that pertains to the subject matter in each of my outhouse cartoons. Did you ever see a cartoonist try to describe a “science” relating to outhouse content? That’s what I thought. It’s just that the actual ideas involving humor can be found in literally anything, if you use your imagination. Have you got an idea for a similar cartoon? Tell me about it and I can create it for you. And take note, all of the outhouse cartoons I am providing as thumbnail images you can enlarge are also available for licensing in your blog, book, social media or newsletters. You probably notice the ©copyright symbol embedded over each one and that signifies all cartoons are copyrighted and not available for unauthorized usage. If you need cartoon copyright information on any cartoons you see throughout DansCartoons and here on the ToonBlog, contact me anytime and I can help.
egyptian outhouseMany of the cartoons you see in my gallery links have licensing information and that same cartoon licensing information pertains to any of these other cartoons you can directly enlarge on your screen, so please keep that in mind because I can attach the actual image file for any and all cartoons you find here. Keep laughing and your taking the time to visit here on the ToonBlog is greatly appreciated.