Original Cartoons

original cartoonsOriginal cartoons are available from any catalog throughout DansCartoons. A cartoon sample I am showing here is displayed for reference. This idea, shows two guys walking as one tells his friend: “Actually, every day is ‘take your kids to work’ day for Donald Trump!” and if there is any kind of image that you feel would be ideal for matting and / or framing for presenting as a gift or present. Email me using my contact form about any image you would like the original art for.

Original cartoon art would be great if matted for hanging on walls

Note there is a serial tracking number that pertains to each cartoon found throughout the site. You can supply that, or copy the link to the cartoon and send it in an email for my referral. An original line art cartoon would be great to give as a sign of appreciation or friendship or to use for someone’s birthday, as a framed wall cartoon.

Original cartoon art makes a great gift for friends

A ‘for instance” would be a doctor wanting to present a friend a cartoon that reminds him of his friend in some way. This cartoon about medical malpractice from my medical cartoon catalog may remind a surgeon about a patient they both performed surgery on, that he wants to give to his fellow surgeon as a gesture of appreciation that he knows his associate would find funny.

Copyright symbols on the original cartoons are not visible!

Note the © copyright symbol embedded on the cartoon you see? That is to alert potential violators who are thinking of using the cartoon that it is copyrighted. Any cartoon that is chosen from my site which you’d like the original artwork for, it will of course not have that copyright symbol on it. Any digital embedded text you see on any cartoon will not have that text on any original art. If you have a question about any cartoon, contact me.