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online cartoon databasesOnline cartoon databases were the only logical factor for most full time gag panel cartoonists who sought to provide a steady market for their material. Many innovative thinkers were interviewed on how to best embrace the internet for offering their cartoons to potential clients. A New York Times interview from 1994 was published in a September issue and this is what Bob Mankoff at the New Yorker had said about building an online catalog of cartoons for cartoonists they represent: “With a computer, an entrepreneur creates a treasury of funnies”.

Mr. Mankoff is referring of course the his own database of cartoons that he was influential in launching on behalf of all the contributors and contract artists at The New Yorker called The Cartoon Bank.

Another hugely popular and even larger database of cartoons than the Cartoon Bank is CartoonStock. Early on, I wasn’t operating my own catalog of images but did sign a contract with them and have been contracted with them ever since.

Online cartoon databases offer variety

To view my specific catalog of cartoons, they can be accessed anytime at DansCartoons via CartoonStock. To access thousands  more cartoons that are targeted by category and slant, visit my cartoon database page.

Ideally, the cartoon database that offers instant downloads after the vendor pays for the work will create a streamlined version of a good catalog of cartoons. However, many artists also display their work in a gallery type of format and provide purchasing and licensing information on those respective pages. Certainly this works just as well, and in many ways, gives the cartoonist some control over who might shows an interest in a specific cartoon, since that potential client will inquire on a personal / direct basis.

If you are an editor, author, developer, graphic designer or an art director at an advertising agency, I urge you to bookmark my online cartoon database for future reference.