Cartoon humor which is odd may have a very appealing attraction

Odd cartoons are always of interest to me. odd cartoonsEven though most people probably think I’m the purveyor of odd cartoons based on some of the cartoon humor I’ve produced, so many others have me beat in that department!

Odd cartoons!

I’m gleaning so much interesting news and information about cartoonists in my old stash of Editor & Publisher tear sheets which I had kept form my favorite issues of that magazine when I was subscribing to it weekly as I had been fully indulged in self syndicating cartoons of my own.

Odd cartoons include comic strips and gag panels

I wanted to profile this share-worthy article in particular about a cartoonist named Ray Rhamey who was better known as the guy who created the Budweiser Taste Buds campaign of Saturday Night Live fame. Do you remember those?Ray was a well known ad man of the time and the interesting aspect to this story regards his self syndication efforts.

Self syndicating unusual and odd comic strip humor

Note that this article or page is date August 1990, which reflects ion how healthy the newspaper publishing market had been, when relatively unknown cartoonists like Rhamey set out to sell their own features directly to the newspaper market.

Also at this time, he was releasing a book about marketing so was from all indications a very prolific and creative mind. He was also writing advertising for many large agencies around the United States and even played a part in the popular Cap’n Crunch cereal with which he had an association with through his creative accounts.

It goes to show what a prolific time the 1980’s and into the 1990’s was for the advertising and publishing world. For the sake of keeping myself in suspense, I did not Google Mr. Rhamey but if any readers of the ToonBlog can contact me with any updates on this creative mind, please do and I’ll write an addendum to this blog post.

The world of cartooning always has so many interesting stories so any news and contributions will be reviewed and of course shared with your cooperation and permission! Thank you for stopping by!