Nurse Cartoons

nurse cartoonsNurse cartoons available for licensing and reprint in your digital or hard copy projects. See the cartoons in the gallery below and refer to the image or reference number that pertains to the cartoon of interest.

If a certain cartoon needs editing to fit your project, tell me the details and I can render a new gag line underneath the artwork, or change the characters around, add color to an existing black and white line drawing and more.

Nurse cartoons can be used for calendars, books, newsletters, magazines, posters, social media, association logos you are designing and much more.

Nurse cartoons about Nurses

Nursing consultants can also license these cartoons in presentations and print advertising to promote an event or gathering. The cartoon you want, will be supplied in a high resolution image format and sized to your specifications as I work in Photoshop.
Ways to use nurse cartoons include:

  • Social Media or Facebook medical clinic pages
  • Presentations – cartoons always retain your audience’s attention
  • Nursing Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Electronic Newsletters about clinic news and events
  • Email signatures or in email “blasts”
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Posters
  • Calendars
  • Books (possibly in chapter headings)
  • Nursing Apparel (including t-shirts, caps, on coffee mugs and more)

We will negotiate a licensing fee for cartoons chosen and the fee is based on usage. If you choose multiple cartoons, a multiple-image discount can also be considered and negotiate at the time of contact. I offer a lot of flexibility and can invoice you in a follow up so you have information for your own records.

Cartoons about nursing can be used in so many different ways

As the nursing profession continually hires new people, there will always be a need for content such as nursing cartoons. These needs range from HR to PR and visual content such as gag cartoons like these, will enhance your project in many ways.

I have also negotiated with graphic designers and webmasters for using my cartoons on web pages. With the ever expanding electronic media, hospitals and clinics are continually launching platforms on the internet in which they keep in touch with their patients and clients.

nurse caricatures

Custom nurse caricatures  I can also illustrate a special person in your group or clinic. Ideal for a holiday, retirement or “going away” gift. Contact me for details

Embedding a cartoon or using nursing cartoons on a social media page will bring your message into the lime light. Contact form on my page can be used to ask any questions you have and I guarantee a fast response.

Thanks for browsing my gallery of cartoons and keep on laughing!