Newspaper Cartoon Content
newspaper cartoon content

Are you interested in adding cartoons to your newspaper? I offer quality newspaper cartoon content for weekly newspapers and also for daily newspapers.

Cartoons will add humor and levity to your pages and bring some variety in the way of humorous graphics.

Editors looking for newspaper cartoon content are offered a lot of flexibility when working with me me.

I am outlining three separate packages below that will give you something to consider, including a gallery of typical samples from these cartoon packages I offer.

  • Weekly Cartoon Package – has 72 different cartoons and holiday cartoons for every holiday
  • Daily Cartoon Package – has 400 different cartoons including holiday cartoons
  • Ala Carte Package – you pick cartoons to make up the personal package you want from any of
    the over sixty separate catalogs of cartoons I offer

    Also note: Licensing fees listed aside each cartoon do not apply to newspaper usage. Once you build your package, we would negotiate a monthly fee based on your paper’s circulation

When browsing through  my selections, take note of each reference number pertaining for any cartoon of interest, then supply me with that list and I will put all of those cartoons in a custom folder to email to you.

You’ll have all cartoon panels supplied in a similar TIFF format and each image will be sized to 4.75″ wide.

This file format and sizing will then allow you to enlarge or reduce each cartoon if you need to, while the cartoon retains it’s high resolution line quality.

Additional newspaper cartoon services available

How Newspapers Can Effectively Use cartoons

You can use them on your editorial page of course. Alternatively many publishers have a weekly column that focuses on medical issues or medicine.
My medical cartoons may be an ideal fit where you could pick one for use above the content to highlight that column’s topic.
Or you might have an outdoor’s column where my  hunting cartoons can be used. There are many other kinds of topics you might have columns appearing in your paper, and I offer cartoons on most…just take time to browse.
You can also email me with any questions by using the contact form on my contact page, or simply use my email address and a fast response is guaranteed. We can also talk if, so send your phone number if that works better. I don’t list my business number so as to avoid spam calls.

Ways in which my cartoons can be used for example – use one each week on your “opinion” or “editorial” page.Here is how the folks at The Slidell Independent feature my cartoons:

opinion page cartoons
Additionally, my cartoons could also be used in display advertising – The display ad below, was the result of an ingenious editor’s concept of using my plumbing cartoons to accompany one of his regular advertiser’s information. The campaign was a hit and generated a lot of attention for their client.
display ad cartoons

To see samples of the kinds of cartoons which are part of both my weekly and daily packages, here is a simple gallery below.

Thanks for taking the time to browse!