news service cartoonsNews service cartoons for your organization or association are yet another aspect to consider if you are distributing information to a large number of members. Have you got a subscription based newsletter or web subscription offering? Do you publish a monthly blog that is emailed once every thirty days? Or are you doing something similar with a newsletter?  Do you need graphic content for your text or written content and articles? Do you want to diversify the look and feel of your publication or blog with a mixture of both photographs and cartoons?

News Service Cartoons Add Visual Appeal

I ask this myriad of questions based on my looking back at different news services I worked with. One in particular was Catholic News Service. I’m including a sample page from their distribution offering to subscribers such as newsletters.  I was in good company here with cartoonist Cliff Johnson, Eli Stein and Norm Rockwell. Norm’s cartoons appeared in so many big magazines at the time including many appearances in Saturday Evening Post etc. Eli the same. I mention this because even though they sold all the “biggies”, they also worked the trade magazines, newsletter market including various press services like Catholic News Service. A small note of interest: Cliff Johnson grew up in Minneapolis, a childhood friend of the one and only Charles Schulz and Cliff regaled me with some interesting tidbits including a story where Sparky was in town on business and Cliff wanted to meet and catch up on things. Later as they talked the cartoon business, Sparky quickly drew him a Peanuts sketch that he had on his living room wall for years.

Sample Cartoons To Help Make Your Decision

This tear sheet is dated 1990, almost thirty years ago. But I share this information based on how many diversified markets there were for disseminating cartoons and information. In retrospect, I ask if you have a news service pertaining to entertainment, or a news service about technology, or a similar news service about publishing etc. I am offering you my cartoon humor to include in your format for the enjoyment of your readership. If you’d like  me to recommend fellow cartoonists who maintain similar web catalogs from which to choose cartoons from, simply ask. A variety of styles will show readers a mixture of humor . . . like what I am showing on the sample here in this article.

Cartoons Guarantee Laughter That Guarantees Devoted Readers

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and learn about news service cartoons and how your recipients might benefit, consider the type of humor that would work in your particular news service. I truly think laughter will make your approach alot easier to understand and digest!