Cartoons Published In National Magazines

national enquirer cartoonsNational Enquirer cartoons were a popular feature of a once hugely well-known and widely circulated Hollywood gossip tabloid.

Getting a cartoon published here had given cartoonists a lot of national exposure and the pay rate for one cartoon was a “top rate” payment for a gag panel.

The publication ran regular features every week by notable cartoonists such as Bill Hoest who also was syndicated by King Features syndicate who distributed Bill’s famous ‘The Lockhorns‘ panel featuring Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn’s wacky adventures of arguing and trying to understand married life.

The feature that Bill published in the Enquirer was ‘Bumper Snickers‘ which offered funny car and automobile cartoon gags and the drivers involved in various car accidents or driving in general.

National Enquirer Cartoons

Another cartoon that appeared in every weekly issue was ‘Life With Lucky’ by Ray Helle and another obscure feature by cartoonist Ed Gamble called ‘Dan’l Boom’. Many of the world’s top single panel gag cartoonists were also published on a rather consistent basis and names such as Earl Engleman, Vahan Shirvanian, Bob Schochet, Eli Stein, Rex (Baloo) May, Marty Bucella, Henry Martin, Don Orehek and so many others regularly appeared in the pages of this publication.

It was an honor to get published in a magazine that these top names had appeared in and I think the reason the publication was so popular was because of it’s sense of humor at the time and throughout all those years.

Markets For Cartoons Were Plentiful

Many cartoonists of the day were keeping upwards of 1,000 to 1,500 separate cartoons in constant circulation at all time and were continually producing new material since magazines like the National Enquirer were such good markets for cartoons. It’s hoped that in the future, new publishers will launch new hard copy print magazines that will attain national distribution and offer a platform for cartoonists to showcase their work.

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