National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonists Day! It’s my own personal holiday and no one can take this day away from me.

I mean, it’s a day that is dedicated to all things cartooning. national cartoonists dayIf you’re in the cartoon business and you draw for a living, go and have yourself a glazed donut and a big cup of coffee to wash it all down!

Most artistically inclined creatives may be oblivious to this fact.

Just because they may be involved with another form of creative endeavor, it’s good to mention this sacred day to those who are unaware and haven’t a clue!

Painters, photographers, graphic designers and the like may not even know.

So if you’re reading this on May 5th, let your favorite cartoonist know that you appreciate them by telling them how much you like their efforts at being funny and goofy.

Cartoonist’s Have their Own National Holiday

The day is dedicated to gag panel cartoonists, comic strip artists, comic book illustrators and anyone who labels themselves a cartoonist.

Be proud and draw a goofy looking cartoon character and post it on your blog or email it to a good friend to remind them that goofiness helps people laugh and that laughter can help lower your blood pressure.

Which in turn can definitely add some years to your life!

Who said cartoons are not worth anything? When it comes to National Cartoonists Day, it ironically falls on the same day as Cinco de Mayo and also National Naked Gardening Day.

Celebrating The Art Of Cartooning

Do you see a correlation here? This May 5th is dedicated to those ink slingers and paper jesters who dedicate their time and talents to anyone needing a laugh.

This also include the ubiquitous editorial or political cartoonist who possesses that special talent to convey a message about politics and politicians.

Please make sure to reach out and let your favorite cartoonist know you appreciate what they do. Thank you!