Mueller Report Cartoon

mueller report

Mueller Report cartoon I created is how I currently perceive the situation while Attorney General William Barr reviews all of the information. My cartoon may be completely opposite of what he may find, who knows.

Robert Mueller report could help cartoonists generate new content

as of today, President Trump hasn’t been tweeting but instead is playing golf with Kid Rock and other celebrities as he awaits news in Mar-A-Lago.

Either way, it will be finally over as far as indictments are concerned for any of President Trump’s associates. The democrats are requesting transparency while the main stream media is also emphasizing the same. However most news outlets fail to mention the fact the President Trump stated a day earlier that he too, prefers a fully transparent report so the general public has the full story.

William Barr Cartoon evolves from Mueller Report!

Who can disagree with that? Redacted files don’t do anyone any good in a situation such as this, since the report is considered to be “finalized” and ready. The contents that eventually are filtered out, will no doubt be more excellent cartoon fodder for editorial cartoonists and cartoon creators in general.

In a way, I can’t wait, one way or the other….the country’s “national nightmare” will soon be over! Although at the same time, I find it extremely ironic that a news organization is playing a documentary at this same time called “Tricky Dick”.

Is that a relative documentary to play now? Has that not been written about and re-hashed over the last (nearly) half a century? Wow! One thing cartoonists can keep in mind . . . so long as there are politics, there will always be political cartoons created by those creative minds out there!