Monster Cartoons

Cartoons Featuring Monsters

Monster cartoons are another favorite which I invite you to browse here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget I specialize in custom monster cartoons and it would be great to work with you on something you might need. Monsters have been a favorite subject for me from day one, when I realized my ability to create such “creatures” a long time ago!

monster cartoons

Whether it’s Doctor Frankenstein’s creation (“it’s aliiive!!”) or any one of a million kinds of zombies, dinosaurs or weird space aliens, I can probably offer you something. Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know and I can assemble a folder of more monster cartoons for your review since I may have created something new since this article.

Custom monster cartoons available

The image here in this post was a simple spontaneous line sketch I created, using a Sharpie marker that I shaded a little bit with a simple black crayon. He looks a bit diabolical if I do say so . . . with that bizarre cyclops – like horn on his forehead.

Color monster cartoons available!

I can colorize any of the existing cartoons you see in the gallery of panels here, and am also available for re-drawing anything to your specs. If you have a question, as always just contact me and a fast response is guaranteed. From the time I saw the first King Kong to all of the weird and bizarre Ray Harryhausen creatures that came to life , like the cyclops Ray created or the army of skeletons that came to life in his Sinbad movie, the allure of monsters always intrigued me to create my own imaginative characters like those on the big screen.

If you have your own version in mind, I can help put your vision into some graphic form to use in a book or article, so keep that in mind. For now, browse the gallery here for a glimpse and ask me any questions if needed. Thank you.