Monetize Content Using Cartoons

monetize content using cartoons

My daily cartoon appearing on a newspaper website. Paid ads appearing in right column of page resulting in ideal monetized page content

With print on the decline and moving to digital, the option to monetize content using cartoons is an excellent concept to explore in your publishing projects. If you’re laying out a digital magazine or a digital newsletter using cartoons, this is a positive step forward in monetizing your format. Ask yourself what attracts readers and the answer is simple – content. The next question is what kind of content and I’ve talked about it time and time again, and cartoons attract readers and visitors.

Cartoon content like other content such as articles, photographs, logos and illustrations all play a part in the unique mix and the appearance of your blog or digital product. What better way to entertain your visitors than with an all-cartoon humor page. Setting aside a page of cartoons and jokes will allow yet another way for you to monetize your layout by adding specific paid advertising embedded into the format. The proposed advertising program you choose will be of course your next decision.

See how monetized pages use cartoons

I’m providing a sample screenshot of a subscriber to my daily web cartoon to show how using cartoons on a humor page, along with advertising on the same page will offer a unique and special appearance on the page they’re used.

Paid ads combined with cartoon humor on your pages

You could use a paid banner ad across the top of one of your inside pages and below that, include your written content. Perhaps some sort of editorial of up to 800 words or less. At the bottom of the page include yet another paid banner ad – most programs allow users a minimum of 3 separate advertisements. In the middle of all that written text, you can add a cartoon that compliments the text and chosen ad program you decide to use.
It will give your page that professional look and your readers and visitors will be pleased with the look and performance of your digital content monetization.  In fact, it will all blend together so well, they won’t realize what you’ve done! Hope this helps you realize what is digital monetization since this can be an important decision in getting that professional look and feel for your publication.