Mental health cartoons

mental health cartoonsMental health cartoons for professionals. License any of the mental health cartoon panels in the gallery on this page.

Any of the cartoons from this selection can be used in your social media campaign, web page or power point presentation.

It’s an extremely serious subject but the humor angle is what lessens the impact and will help your newsletter make a point.

Many of these cartoons touch upon topics pertaining to mental problems such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

Cartoon humor about mental health

Well known diseases affecting the brain such as attention deficit disorder are another aspect as are so many others. Any educator, counselor, author and other professionals can use these cartoons.

Cartoons also available regarding psychology and psychiatry are another specialty I offer for professional usage. Visit my psychiatry cartoons catalog that offers more options.

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Customized cartoon humor about mental illness

This is actually my specialty and perhaps you’re thinking of a health related poster series, or a cartoon calendar of images about this topic that can be offered to your customers, vendors or visitors.

If you seek cartoon images for a book you’re authoring or if you need special cartoons to emphasize mental health awareness online or in your social media campaigns, review my samples here.

Are you a consultant? Have you considered offering attendees comic books about mental illness? A printed product offered as a form of appreciation will resonate greatly with your attendees and followers. There are many ways in which cartoons about mental health will impact your followers!