Memorable Cartoon Editors

Memorable cartoon editors were so abundant back in the days when hard copy and print ruled the cartoon buying market.  When I first started cartooning and began showing my work to whomever I thought might want to see it, I was unaware at how diverse a publishing market there really was. memorable cartoon editorsDave Bouffard was yet another of the many memorable cartoon editors who I was lucky enough to like my work.

This cartoon acceptance letter from Dave gave me the incentive to continue creating quality technology and computer cartoons. Simple notes like “nice ideas” jotted at the bottom of his letter were enough for me to continue submissions to CW Communications. CW Communications was a popular publisher of many magazines and newspapers that published computer cartoons and even though they didn’t pay an astronomical rate per cartoon, I was supplying Dave photocopies anyway. All of my original cartoons were kept for copyright purposes and to keep safely on file in the event another publisher was found or I discovered was asking for computer and technology cartoons to be reviewed.

Show your best cartoons to cartoon editors

My advice to anyone new to cartooning is to target places you feel would like what you do, and appreciate your drawing style. There are no guarantees, so you won’t know anything about who will like your material unless you plan and prepare. Study your target market and do your best work. If your artwork looks acceptable to you and you feel it’s worth showing to someone, package it up and submit accordingly.

Once that submission of cartoons is gone, start on a new set of panels and don’t get caught up with what editors may or may not be thinking about your last submission because it’s your cartoons, your actual gag panels that are the sellers. Let your work do your speaking on your behalf.

Cartoon editors can encourage cartoonists

So many of my old acceptance forms and letters have me often wondering what these people are now doing with their lives. Those were some interesting experiences back in the days of my heavy duty single panel gag cartooning and editors like Dave probably never even realized they had an impact on me, even if it was relating to a small compliment of some sort, those kudos can go a long way without even realizing it!