Medical nurse cartoon working at army induction center

Medical nurse cartoon that I created many moons ago is availablemedical nurse cartoon for licensing! Have you looked for cartoons in the nursing niche? Have you scoured the web looking for a particular “army induction” cartoon? Look no further!


Remember the old saying the military used? “Be All That You Can Be”? I thought it would be good (and funny!) to put a twist on that phrase.

Offer it as a medical or nursing cartoon that has a military connotation. Clicking the cartoon will enlarge it to give you the idea as to how the licensing and purchase page looks.


There are three separate payment buttons based on three separate uses and the fees I have listed are conducive to that specific usage.

I can edit this army induction cartoon or any cartoons in my catalog

If you have a question about this particular cartoon, email me at my address on my contact form page. No question is too big or too small! I am also willing to re-edit or re-draw the cartoon to fit your needs.

The cartoon can be colorized if you wish. If for instance you would like to use the artwork on a poster, in a calendar or on a greeting card. The potential usage doesn’t stop at the three pricing uses mentioned on the page or in the screenshot.

U.S. Military cartoon available

I wanted to profile this particular medical cartoon featuring nurse in army clinic panel as it is timeless. We have new recruits joining the United States military daily and I think it’s a great comment on an old adage from yesteryear.

It also stands the test of time in that it adds some humor to somewhat of a serious subject – joining the Army at a time when no one can predict their destiny.

If you’re an editor or an art director who needs to talk about this cartoon or a custom illustration, email me your phone number as I will definitely return the call.