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medical cartoon content

Ohio Medicine cartoon

Medical cartoon content for your next project can be created or I can also supply you with cartoons about medical situations if needed! I’ve specialized in hospital humor and doctor cartoons for many years and have had cartoons published in national and regional medical magazines.

I’m providing a small sample of a previously published medical cartoon that appeared in a regional magazine.

If your publication has a sense of humor or if you’re an editor thinking that your existing publication could use a little medical cartoon humor, contact me at anytime and I am ready and able to assist you with any type of  cartoons or humorous illustrations. Special color cartoons for magazine articles or colorized images for books or book covers can be created.

My medical cartoons have appeared in many medical magazines

Many of my cartoons have appeared in such publications as American Medical News, Medical Economics, Resident & Staff Physician magazine and regional or association trade journals, such as the sample I am providing with this article and it appeared in Ohio Medicine magazine.

Using my medical cartoon humor is easy and simple

With print publications being impacted by digital publishing platforms, I am making it simpler for digital publishers to purchase and download medical cartoons for their publications. When visiting the page, note you can automatically pay for any cartoon of interest and then you will automatically receive an email with a download link for that specific cartoon you purchased. You can save the image file to your hard drive and import the cartoon into your column layout or page layouts from that, or actually print out the cartoon and save it as a hard copy file for scanning separately into your own editing program.

Whichever works easiest for you, just keep my medical cartoon catalog bookmarked for future reference and if you have questions, contact me anytime and a fast reply is guaranteed.