Media Cartoons asks the question: Has the art of cartoons died now everyone is online?

media cartoonsPrint media cartoons are popular yet! Remember how eagerly you flipped through the newspaper to read the daily cartoons? It didn’t matter how old you were either. Print media brought the talents of so many great cartoonists into our home each day.
Now, with newspapers in decline you might ask, where have all the cartoonists gone!

Get your daily cartoon hit online

Don’t worry, while you might not get your daily paper delivered anymore you can still get your daily dose of humor and fun. Cartoons are playing a significant role in online marketing for many companies. Clever business owners are using them to entertain and engage visitors to their websites.
Here at Dan’s Cartoons you can have a cartoon placed on your website, and like magic it changes each day! Thanks to advances in coding, now anyone can have a new cartoon appearing on their website each day.
Dan’s Daily Cartoons are a great way to use the humor of cartoons to entertain and inform visitors to your site.

And who doesn’t like a cartoon!

Cartoons are one of the most sharable items online. People love to show their friends and family when they find something that is smart, funny and perhaps a bit quirky.
Cartoons have a universal appeal to a wide range of people from all walks of life. Visitors to your website will immediately recognize the format, and stay long enough to boost your SEO ratings.
Best of all, Dan’s Daily Cartoons are cheaper than a yearly subscription to a print newspaper too!

Cartoons created just for you

If you are looking for something more specific – a cartoon targeted to your niche market, then Dan can do that to.
If you look through his gallery, you’ll find many cartoons on a wide range of professions. You are more than welcome to choose these or Dan will create cartoons just for your business.
Dan’s recoloring service also means that you can have cartoons created to reflect your company’s brand.
Contact him today and discover how cartoons can have an impact on your marketing plan.