Marijuana Pot Smoking Cartoons

Cartoons About Cannabis – Marijuana – Smoking Pot

Marijuana pot smoking cartoons in my portfolio here can be licensed if you see a certain cartoon I’m offering in the gallery in this post. Some of the cartoons were created for t-shirts and apparel but can be redrawn or re-captioned if need be.  A lot of the cartoon humor on this page may appear to be similar to stoner cartoon drawings but I digress.

I also like to keep the humor in line with making a statement. Yes, a lot of the people appear to be high cartoon characters, but the images themselves can be used in an article or story about how people abuse pot, rather than use it for “relief”.

marijuana pot smoking cartoons I also reiterate the availability of my custom cartoons and services where I can create your own pot head related humor. Whether you need it for a special t-shirt, perhaps a book you’re writing about drug abuse etc. just ask any questions and a fast response is guaranteed.

Marijuana pot smoking cartoons are popular with the new ganja industry

With the new legalized cannabis laws like those passed in Colorado’s  Proposition 64 and other similar laws, the business of legalized pot is now an industry in certain states. Producers of edibles alone, are ideal target markets for similar cartoons for use on packaging and package design.

Special cartoons can be created for packaging, booklets and print advertising that pertains to this business. Contact me if you have specific questions and take time to review the various cartoons in the gallery samples. Perhaps one or more will act as a form of inspiration allowing you to see something new in your mind.

Perhaps a cartoon can be redrawn to fit your own product. Custom cannabis shirts cannabis-cartoonand cartoon t-shirts can be illustrated with a character that refers to your cannabis related business. That image could be used on baseball caps and t-shirts to promote your line of edibles or possibly a flavor of ganja you sell.

As I emphasize many times over, I can also create your ideas for products or special weed-related messages. Are you considering having a cartoon pot leaf drawing made for a web page?

Perhaps you need pothead cartoons created for a line of apparel? I’ve tackled many of these concepts in the past and hope some of my samples here will help you in making a decision.

The potential use of cartoons in the promotion of legalized weed are endless. They can be used on posters in your stores, calendars can be created with your business as the subject matter, cannabis cartoons would also make great package designs. An identifiable character can be created, based on your art instruction.

*As an illustrator, I am contracted by vendors to create specific cartoons as a parody. In no uncertain terms are any of these cartoons meant to condone drug abuse of any form