Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out With Cartoons

Make your Facebook page stand out with cartoons. Have youmake your facebook page stand out published cartoons on your Facebook business page? Do you realize the power of the cartoon?

Are you aware that cartoons and graphic humor generate “buzz” and will help you make a statement? These questions can be quickly answered by using cartoons that speak to your audience or clients.

Cartoons have been a proven publishing commodity for as many years as I can recall. Look how far back in time that cartoons made an impact with readers of newspapers when William Randoph Hearst first realized how cartoons and comic strips  kept readers buying newspapers.

Cartoons have been attracting readers to magazines like The New Yorker and Saturday Evening Post and many many others for years. The  medium is so well cherished that cartoons and any original comic strips and drawings by specific cartoonists are actual collectibles.

Get noticed on social media with cartoon humor

With this in mind, social media cartoons will drive traffic, retain visitors and customers, help you make a point and most of all, show you have a sense of humor!

Are you growing weary of posting bland photographs and charts? Have you lost traffic and visitors because you’re not as diverse with content as you’d like to be? Want to know cost for reprinting cartoons?

Then give some serious thought to my suggestion and experiment! Try a cartoon on your favorite platform and ask your connections whether or not they’d like to see more.

Attract more visitors by using cartoons!

In doing so, you might be surprised at the answers you’ll receive. Corporate businesses rely on social media to generate attention. Some don’t even have their own personal website but relay instead, on Facebook and Twitter to engage their audience.


You’ll entertain those who see your page by sharing humorous cartoons that offer your view on what is funny !