Mad Santa Cartoon

mad santa cartoon

Mad Santa cartoon shows how angry the big guy can get if children don’t behave themselves. Here is a cartoon showing a frustrated Santa Claus at his wits end after dealing with all kinds of kids all day long who are standing in line with their tablets and phones.

Can you blame St. Nick for blowing a fuse? All those mumbling kiddoes all asking for some kind of video games or the best iPhones or tablets on the market? Not an easy job I don’t think.

Santa Claus Getting Frustrated With Geeked Out Kids

The moral of the story mom and dad is make certain the “chilluns” leave those things with you in your purse or in the car out in the parking lot please. You don’t want the big red elf to erupt like he is doing in this cartoon do you?

The holidays are stressful enough with all that other stuff like shopping and running through the malls looking for Christmas presents, getting ready for your family meals, attending that special holiday event. Whatever it may be!

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Santa Cartoon Depicts Him As A Scrooge

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Merry Christmas and have a great New Year coming up!