Love Cartoons

Love Cartoons

Love cartoons about showing affection. The cartoons in this selection relate to love and the emotional state of caring. Whether through a simple hug or making a marriage cartoons

These cartoons show animals who have an emotional attachment to their owners and vice versa! These funny cartoons will work great in your next print project or even use these on a greeting card. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for Valentines Day. Just use them in a series of cartoons for him or switch it around and use as love cartoons for her, in your next greeting card, t-shirt or in a simple email where you’d embed the image in the actual body of your email!

I also emphasize the fact I will colorize any cartoon you see and can format the final artwork in the image file of your choice. If you want the artwork for use in a personal greeting card, the image file would be in TIFF format.

It would be sized to the width of your preference. Need the cartoon for any social media? I would send the cartoon in high resolution JPEG and can size the width to 700 pixels wide or whatever you need the width to be.

Need custom love cartoons? I specialize in customized humorous illustrations and just provide a detailed description of your idea or concept and I will create a rough sketch for you based on that information.

It will be attached in a follow-up email for your review and if you like the image or rough, I can ink the artwork in and supply it in the format of your choice.

Whether you need it in TIFF, JPEG or GIF just advise. I work in Photoshop. No job is too big or too small, so contact me in the form I offer or email me directly.  These cartoons will leave you crying with tears of laughter. Thank you!