Custom Cartoons For Newspaper Employees

los angeles times guild cartoonLos Angeles Times Guild cartoon I created is being shared in this article, along with a little background information on their mission. I decided to assist fellow media proponent Ed Padgett after we discussed creating some sort of custom cartoon which promoted their cause in some sort of way. A concept quickly formed in my mind after learning that journalists who are literally the foundation to any written content – online or in print – need some type of guild in which they can share their passion, concerns, opinions and ideas. I immediately envisioned a super hero in a crowd of journalist-types as though he is leading the charge.


There is always power in numbers and if you need to make a point, then the greater the number, the greater your chances of making your point and having an impact on those with whom you want to hear your message!

Custom cartoons For L.A. Times Guild

This same feeling occurred to me as though I myself were a journalist and wanted my message to be heard. I think the L.A. Times Guild is making great headway and if you feel you’d like to assist them in their message and mission, I ask that you share this post to bring awareness to their cause. I think it’s also worth mentioning Ed Padgett’s newspaper blog and give it some love, have a read through and tell Ed what you think. His blog is very informative, user-friendly and easy to navigate and read.

The journalists seek basic recognition on the hard work they contribute to this huge newspaper. Think about this fact, L.A. Times executives use an $8,500 per hour private jet for their business which is a clear reflection on how the other half of the industry lives.

Los Angeles Times Guild cartoon makes a point

If you’re in the newspaper business and want to have some custom cartoons created to emphasize your mission, contact me. I am here for you. I also ask that you consider my cartoons for newspapers package and offers. Thanks for taking some time to visit the ToonBlog as always!