Licensing Single Panel Gag Cartoons

Licensing single panel gag cartoons for Twitter users is also available. My recent post on Twitter here is a great example:

And my work is available for licensing if you seek cartoons for Facebook or any other social media. As I have emphasized in the past, single panel gag cartoons are ideal for emphasizing a point you want to make in a post. Instagram, Linkedin or any of the other social media platforms would be great ways to reiterate your points.

Cartoon licensing tips for social media

You may want to make a post that touches upon politics in some way and do not want to directly criticize a politician or a political value yet a cartoon that is generic in it’s message may well apply. You could browse my political cartoons catalog for this purpose. It would allow you that “visual” you’re seeking.

Using cartoon content in blog posts

Perhaps you are writing about something relating to the medical field and need a cartoon in your post that isn’t negative towards the subject you’re writing about but still needs an image that makes a statement or will attract the reader or subscriber to the post you’re working on. Include one of my medical cartoons and I can guarantee it will make an impact.

Licensing single panel gag cartoons for digital use

licensing single panel gag cartoonsAre you blogging articles or content about using software and technology? Do you need cartoons for that? Licensing single panel gag cartoons is incredibly easy and simple and I am here for you in all aspects. Just contact me with any type of question, whether you need something re-drawn or even have color added to cartoons you are interested in using in your social media campaigns or for your blog posts.