Liberal Cartoon Editors

liberal cartoon editors

A familiar looking cartoon acceptance slip from Charlton Publications in Derby, Connecticut

Liberal cartoon editors were abundant before the internet affected the way publishers did business in print and hard copy. By liberal, I’m not speaking of  anti republican cartoons published by a cartoon editor or certain newspaper publisher and anti liberal cartoons by republican newspaper editors.

This will recap an old request from cartoon editor JoAnn Sardo who I recently mentioned in another ToonBlog post and my main objective is to re-emphasize the nature of the cartoon market that existed for gag panel cartoonists before the web affected the print industry.

Cartoon editors appreciated cartoon humor

No, I’m not bemoaning the negative effect the web’s imposed on the way cartoonists now show their cartoons. This is to show the contrast in editorial methods and how drastically things have changed with marketing cartoons and how cartoonists self promote their services.

Certain editors appreciated cartoons

To follow is an excerpt from Cartoon World

Dear Cartoonists:

Just a short note to let you know that the Charlton Cartoon Group is alive and kicking!As many of you know, Charlton publishes two magazines (bi-monthly), Good Humor andCartoon Carnival. These magazines contain 189 cartoons each, which means that I am
usually looking for 200 cartoons each month!

My requirements are simple, and I always welcome newcontributors. I look at only finished drawings, since my deadlines do not allow me to send a lot of drawings back and forth in the mail. All cartoons should be geared toward the funnier side of sex and/or relationships between men and women.

As for size requirements, I usually don’t care what size the cartoons are drawn, as long as they are no larger than 8½ by 11. (I know there are people out there who can draw on ½ sheets, so feel free). Size does not bother me!

In addition, I would appreciate it if each batch sent contained 10 to 15 cartoons. It does not matter how many batches are sent at one time – I can use them all! (Just be sure to include correct postage considering that it’s now 22¢ a shot.)

Also, Charlton still pays $15 per cartoon, paid on publication. Due to the volume of material I receive, I am unable to return cartoons that I use. If anyone is interested in writing gags, I pay $1.00 each and would prefer them typed separately on index cards. For these, a submission of 50 at one time or more is OK.

One more thing to keep in mind is that Charlton recently installed a new press in our plant. Although it is not functional yet, it should be within the next several months. This may change my cartoon deadlines slightly, which means I will need more cartoons than
I normally use. This is because the cartoon books are the easiest to put on the press and they may use them to fill up press time until our schedules for all our magazines are made definite. All this means is that I may be buying more cartoons than normal
for a while, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Finally, I would like to thank all the various cartoonists who have submitted to Cartoon Carnival and Good Humor, because without you it’s no secret that the magazines would not exist. I also welcome any questions or comments about the books.


JoAnn Sardo,
Cartoon Editor

Mind you, $15 per acceptance is not alot per cartoon by today’s standards. In the 1970’s and 1980’s it was extra added income for cartoonists who were “aggressive” at marketing and circulating single panel gag cartoons to dozens of publishers nationally and across Canada.

Cartoon editors who appreciate cartoons

The excerpt from 1985 shows what a vibrant and flourishing market there was for the types of single panel gag cartoons that I specialize in. Now all these years later I look back with a smile on my face at how great it was to associate myself with so many editors and publishing professionals in the cartooning business.

If cartoonists reading this care to share a flashback of similar interest, contact me with your details. They may make for some great additional stories to share!