Laboratory Scientist Cartoons

Laboratory Scientist Cartoons

laboratory scientist cartoonsA wide variety of laboratory scientist cartoons available throughout the web cartoon catalog and a few of them are presented here in this selection of cartoons. Get any of these images redrawn or re-captioned to your preferences by contacting me.

A fast response as usual is always guaranteed and if any of the black & white line art looks better in color, just let me know. Many of my favorite cartoons I’ve created have dealt with science and scientist cartoons are easy for many readers to relate to.

Need a custom cartoon? Not a problem…you might be writing a paper, thesis or article or are preparing a presentation and any one of these may appeal to your visitors or participants.

Science cartoon humor available

My cartoons I offer vary, and range from a young Albert Einstein lectured about not being a rocket scientist to understand an equation to a fellow scientist jokes about another who doesn’t understand free radicals.  You can find similar cartoon gags about science, such as one I created showing a laboratory technician asking  if a wonder drug exists under green mold on his petri dish. Another shows a scientist figuring  in-depth equation asking another if he figured out his income taxes.

Other great laboratory and scientist cartoons include school youths in a laboratory or my infamous Al Gore in a cryogenics laboratory gag. A medical cartoon I created offers the reader a culture that’s  morphed into a monster as the scientist is unaware what is behind him. There is also my two frogs in a biology class discussing the students.laughing scientists

You can easily download any of these cartoons in high resolution format for easy placement into your presentation or book layout. My Michigan Technological University cartoon lab rat may also be of interest for those biology presentations or book you may be planning.

From a basic drug testing lab cartoon to any kind of science related cartoons, contact me if you don’t see what you’re looking for, since I can re-draw or even create some kind of custom science related cartoon for you. Flexibility is what I always emphasize and you don’t have to settle for what is offered!