King Cartoons

king cartoonsMy single panel gags  are a collection of king cartoons that can be immediately downloaded. I have a fairly decent collection of king comics for any renaissance related projects you might be working on. Using these kinds of cartoons are great for:

  • Renaissance calendars
  • Renaissance presentations
  • Print advertising promoting an event or fair
  • A book about medieval humor or living in the dark ages
  • A social network devoted to the renaissance
  • A line of humorous medieval greeting cards
  • A medieval magazine or newsletter
  • A renaissance blog

King cartoons offer multiple uses

Many other uses can be applied to any cartoon and I’ve said it before, your only limitation is your imagination. There may not have been much humor back in the dark ages, considering there were problems like the plague, famine, invading hordes and impending disease from all sides, but it’s the perfect subject matter from which to draw funny cartoons about. Sounds a bit bizarre in a certain way.

Cartoons regarding his highness are easily downloadable!

When you review the available samples after clicking the cartoon on this page, you can choose any one of the cartoon panels for the licensing option that you choose. Once done, you’re able to use any credit card to pay for licensing the cartoon and you will then get a link that allows you immediate downloading of that chosen cartoon.

Queen related cartoon content is also available

After you get the image, you can use it based on that chosen licensing usage. These are all black & white line art and of course can be colorized upon request. Like the cartoon above, there is some topical content intertwined into some of my humor. I mean, have you ever thought you’d see a cartoon of a modern day automatic teller machine talking to a king? A lot of the other cartoons do portray the king’s better half – her majesty the queen So there is a similar potential if you’re looking for queen cartoons. Thank you for being an innovative thinker regarding the use of cartoons and contact me with additional questions you may have. Medieval cartoons are my specialty . . take time to browse!