Kids Cartoons

kids cartoons

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Kids cartoons were available through a newspaper supplement offered by Copley News Service that was based in San Diego, California. I was reminded how active the cartoon syndication market was back before the internet when so many unique marketing packages of cartoons and features proliferated throughout the syndication market. I stumbled on this full page display advertisement in a copy of Editor & Publisher magazine’s ‘Syndicates / News Services’ August 3, 1991 issue.

I thought sharing this sample here will show what was out there and available for editors of the time, when they wanted unique things for readers.

Kids cartoons are for a special demographic

Especially targeted demographics like kids, who were goaded into reading the paper at a young age. What better way to entice kids with good animal related cartoons or cartoons about jokes or explanatory features that focus on how to draw.

Cartoons For kids appear in many forms of print

I recall as a kid in elementary school we were given the opportunity to subscribe to the “Weekly Reader’ during the summer months after school was getting out for the summer. I thought to myself ‘why would I want to continue with school work during the summer?’, but after the issues started to arrive, I was noticing these weird little illustrated jokes or panels in every issue.


Those were my first real introduction to single panel gag cartoons….and they drew me in (pun intended!). I still recall the artist, who was Marv Townsend. A prolific single panel gag cartoonist based in Kansas City I later learned. My kids cartoons list of images can be licensed for any professional usage and I can also redraw cartoons to your liking and / or color  specific cartoons that you request. Whatever questions you may have, just contact me and thanks for visiting the Toonblog!