Cartoons created for journalist articles and content

Journalist cartoons can be created for any of your articles or stories if you need something done to enhance an article, feature or story you’re working on. journalist cartoonsThere is a great need for a journalist union at the Los Angeles Times and I recently created a special cartoon for them. The image in my cartoon blog post features a group of people carrying placards and the LATimes circular logo on them to show unity.It was decided to have a generic looking super hero in the usual garb and in the forefront of the group with the same circular logo to personalize the cartoon better and at the same time, drive home a point.

Journalism content created for blogs and social media

That point being there is strength in numbers, strength in a unionized group of journalists. Journalist cartoons like this can also be created for you if you’re struggling to find an image for your story. Just tell me what to draw, I create a rough sketch and will attach it in a follow-up email for your approval.

Custom cartoons for journalists

If you like what you see, that artwork is given a finished inking and then colorized, and formatted for use in your content or text. Any image will ultimately get you some attention in the story, and of course can be tweeted, or used on any other social media platform if you have a robust number of followers, your article along with any custom cartoon will definitely get you noticed!

Journalist cartoons for any application will attract and keep the attention of the readers and visitors

I can add your actual newspaper building into the cartoon, similar to the way I’ve added the LA Times headquarters in the background of the sample here. And when a cartoon is published in print, don’t forget that it can also be shared on social media or used on your blog like this newspaper blogger for Los Angeles Times had done! There are many options that cartoons offer in which you can attract views, traffic, comments and attention in general.