Jail cartoons about people in jail and prison

jail cartoonsJail cartoons featuring prison and jailed  cartoon characters are in this selection for your review. I’ve created alot of cartoon humor about people enduring a jail sentence or depicting people being locked up by a judge. The humor available in this category is endless and can touch upon many topics.

Just like the ubiquitous “man stranded on desert island” gag, I can go on and on with many gag scenarios based on this concept. Tax evasion is yet another topic as well as bad drivers, or court room scenes that depict an angry judge who is sentencing one of the main characters.

Jail cartoons I’ve created have appeared in magazines and newsletters

Cartoons that involve police and the actual criminals themselves also work well in formatting an idea and layout for this kind of content. At one point in time I had created these for offering to magazine editors such as Official Detective magazine, Master Detective magazine and Official Detective stories that were actually a mixture of true-to-life crime stories.

I could also offer my work in the category to law related magazines such as Police Times magazine, The Thin Blue Line magazine and Law Enforcement Technology which were all active users and publishers of crime and jail related humor. As I continually circulated my work, I began to acquire contractual customers such as Gall’s Inc. which published the world’s largest catalog of public safety merchandise. Merchandise offered was everything from bullet proof vests to light bars for the tops of public safety vehicles. There were distributed across the U.S. and into Canada and to select agencies overseas.

The publishers contacted me to illustrate custom cartoons for their monthly newsletter In The Line Of Duty which contained true-to-life experiences that polices officers, emergency medical technicians and security guards would submit their stories to, and I would be assigned selected stories to illustrate.

If you have a need for any custom cartoons, don’t hesitate to contact me and I can also redraw, re-caption or colorize any existing cartoons you see in my selection here. Thank you and keep laughing!