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iofort hostingIOFort hosting is highly recommended as a web host if you’re looking for an effective and efficient place for hosting your web site. In the world of digital publishing, blogging and web editing, it’s easy to take web site hosting with a grain of salt. And it is also easy to become complacent as the internet evolves and changes. In fact, one can become somewhat ignorant and that’s no fault of your own.

About SSD Web Hosting

It’s just difficult to keep abreast of how fast all of the internet can change over a short period of time considering how search companies are constantly tweaking their algorithms based on digital demands of the internet and web platform performance – take the HTML5 that’s a software solution stack which defines behaviors and properties of content on a web page and how it performs for instance. This is but one aspect of a multitude of things which have increased the importance of choosing a web hosting company.

Are you curious about hosting your web site on a Solid State Drive? SSD hosted sites are  on servers that store your data on solid-state drives (SSDs). Solid state drive hoosting is the  latest big advancement in data storage technology, resulting in greater speed and much better hosting for any website than servers with traditional hard-disk drives or HDD based hosting services.

Or you probably have questions such as how you, as a site owner and developer can keep your content management systems secure from hackers? Have you given any consideration as to how site speed could affect your overall site’s performance online? Just these basic aspects are things most online users (even marketers and designers!) may be oblivious to. But after years of web page layouts, blogging, and switching from Windows based web editors to WordPress editing and hosting platforms, I have developed a certain set of priorities involving web hosting. This is where IOFort hosting comes into play.

Why I recommend IOFort Web Hosting

Here are a few of the reasons I feel you should consider IOFort for your web hosting needs:

Pricing. My previous host (Bluehost) charged me $155 annually for 6 sites. IOFort charges $81
Tech support. Bluehost took up to 3 days to respond to an open ticket. IOFort answers in hours
Innovative. Does your host provide SSD? Cloud hosting? Offer access to multiple servers?

Along with those reasons mentioned, I ask you to compare any current plans you’re subscribing to right mow. These previous reasons can also be broken down a bit further where tech support can be much more “personal” where I receive a good amount of help from one of their people whenever I have in-depth questions or even doing a blog post or building a new page….I get a fast response. Give them a try for one year with say some SSD WordPress hosting as they do specialize in WordPress and you might be surprised. No hard rules are applied when you sign up!

I am including a link to their site and offering you some exclusive discounts personally if you decide to use the actual custom promotional codes you could apply on my behalf. Drop me a line personally before hand if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

Use any one of these discount codes that may apply when signing up to get the best rate:

DANSC20 – 20% discount on our Basic/Plus/Pro shared hosting plans
DANSC10 – 10% discount on VPS/dedicated servers

Go to following link IOFort – Best Web Hosting Available