Interesting cartoon places include The Cartoon Inn

Interesting cartoon places include The Cartoon Inn in Rathdrum, Ireland are “go to” places for tourists like myself or cartoonists interested in cartoonsinteresting cartoon places

I always recommend some travel time to anyone who needs to clear the mind, get out of your creative funk and leave the rest of your usual familiar surroundings behind!

I went on a trip across the pond to the Emerald Isle we all know as Ireland, back in 2002 and wanted to see it for myself.

I had some projects I was working on that I was able to draw and complete while moving around the country.

Cartoonists attended the well known cartoon festival in Rathdrum, Ireland

It’s a mesmerizing place, and you soon realize why it’s called the “emerald” isle. Green fields and grass in the open country side for as far as the eye can see.

A place that generated the minds of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce to name just a few.

Original cartoons are all over the walls of The Cartoon Inn!

A technological oriented country with a lot of computer and tech companies flourishing there, and contributing to the internet at breakneck pace.

As I spent my summer there – starting in Dublin, faxing my cartoon roughs back to clients in America, locals and owners of B&B’s I stayed with, began providing in-depth advice on other interesting places and I eventually ventured to Galway on the west coast.

A unique coastal university town I highly recommend also. You can also find guided tours to the Aran Islands from here and trains are continuously coming into and leaving Galway for all other points around the country of Ireland!

cartoon innThe Cartoon Inn I mention here, was ground zero to a famous annual cartoon festival that was started by cartoonist Terry Willers.

There are other interesting cartoon places that did not get as much notoriety as this place, simply because so many cartoonists flocked to Rathdrum each summer to partake in the camaraderie shared by so many creative souls!

Other notable gatherings exist, but this place just seems so unique in it’s own right. And being in such an idyllic part of Ireland. Stop by here if you can, I highly recommend it, reachable by bus or train from anywhere else you may be on The Emerald Isle!