Insurance Company Cartoons

Insurance company cartoons are the ideal topic for humor. insurance company cartoonsThey feature and focus on the funny aspects involving life. Car insurance (funny car insurance cartoons!), medical insurance (humorous medical insurance cartoons), life insurance (you guessed it . . . funny life insurance cartoons!) have all been a part of my cartoon production repertoire. There are even dental insurance cartoons available if you’re in the dental insurance profession!

Cartoons For Insurance Companies

My interest in creating in and specializing in insurance cartoons goes way back. I was working with various publishers that specialized in magazines that targeted the members of insurance companies and I recently stumbled upon an old acceptance letter from Justin Tolin at Century Life Of America who used my stuff.

Cartoons for insurance company art directors

At the time Century Life Of America was using my work in print and for advertising purposes. If you are a creative director or art director in need of high quality cartoons and humorous illustrations for company calendars,, customer coloring books or if any of your affiliates needs cartoons for use in presentations or for use in any social media campaigns, email me.

Multiple ways in which cartoons can be used for insurance


Have you other ideas or ways in which a special cartoon can be used to promote your insurance agency or company or the affiliates who you work with?  As I have said many times before, your imagination is your only limitation! Keep my custom cartoon services in mind if you need an illustration or cartoon image created that will deliver your message.
I’ve had many cartoons published that have appeared in insurance magazines like Rough Notes and am familiar with the needs and sensitivities of art and creative directors who seek special cartoons for this field. If your insurance company has an electronic newsletter for example, you might want to consider having a customized cartoon or comic strip created that exemplifies the various policies you offer. Or possibly having a series of cartoons created about your company and use them in an annual calendar that could be given out to your clients as a form of advertising and promotion. There are a multitude of ways in which insurance cartoons can be used to help get your message to your customers – call me if you think we should talk, just email your phone number and I’ll contact you right away to talk through various option and ways in which single panel cartoons or comic strips can be created that will help your business get noticed.
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